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What people are saying about my readings


Hi, i’ve been using your text service recently and today asked about good news. The reply i got was positive and this afternoon i found out that i have been offered a house! Thank you so much xxxx

Claire Louise Hossack

Liked and shared had a text reading the other day it was amazing what came through but left me wanting more would love another amazing reading from yourself and your team xxx

Sharon Juste

Thank you deb for my message over your spirit messages video most of it makes sense to me not sure what the newspaper is just yet also not sure what the recent opportunities were but I’ll keep a look out for them both thank you again I’ve been waiting to hear from someone for something for ages.

Meg Tatum

Hi Debbie. I am in shock . Just been using your text messaging for a few days and what I have been told as just come true. Don’t know if it was you who gave me the message or your other psychic but I cant thank you are them enough I am buzzing xxx

Carol Rogerson

Thank you for my past present and future reading most of it I can relate to but in the end of my reading it said about conceiving, fair to say that scared me a lot lol as I have 5 beautiful boys and very content with not having any more xx much love

Natalie Patterson

Hi Debs, thank you for my text message in regards to a young man watching over me, my brother passed away nearly 2yrs ago aged 38. Its a comfort to know he is still with us in spirit. I have frequent signs of his presence and of things that cannot be explained away. Not long after his passing I found a white pawn chess piece, a miniature magnet travel one in my coat pocket. I had never seen it before but he was a keen chess player. He often communicates through number plates with significant numbers or initials… A game we played as children involved counting the numbers on cars. I work in a busy shop and have served people who look remarkably like him, mannerisms, eye colour etc. Its very unnerving but beautiful. Here is a lovely picture taken of him 3yrs years ago.

Sarah James

Thank you for the txt reading Debbie, it’s made me feel better in myself.x

Marie Connor Burrows

My uncle John was found in the living room next to the settee. He had the clock. He died from a heart attack. You said he was woozy. Sadly he was an alcoholic.  He delivered newspapers for the local newsagents and it was them that alerted us as he didn’t turn up for work. He was a tall guy who was very smart. He just lost his way a little in life. We all threw a single red rose into his coffin after he passed. His birthday was in March x

Tracy Castano

Can’t believe it how lucky I was to have a message. I am very spiritual person & i love to hear that my childhood sweetheart. Still wants to keep in touch. David if you connect with Debbie again. Just want to tell you that Bethany & Emma miss you so much & i hope your watching over our grandaughter xx it’s a shame she never got to meet her papa xx

Julie Paszkiewicz

I had messaged your text service asking if I should change my job. I was told the time was right. I applied for a list which I had wanted before and got the job out of 32 candidates. Thank you. I’m still anxious about it though lol xx

Liz Wilks

Hi debs. My step sister tx u earlier. And all i can say is omg. U could have never known. I am stunned. Thankyou. Xx

Zoe Oakley

I want to thank the text service today , I’ve lost someone very close to me a couple of days ago and I felt very lost. The reply was 100% accurate and it has brought me so much comfort today ,enough to smile again. thank you xxxx

Tessa Kemp

Hi Deborah, thank you for my text reply. You were so accurate. Sometimes I feel like I’m not being heard! But you certainly understood me from one text and I thank you for that. Think I want to know more but I will need to wait a while till I get some money.

Sheri Tucker

Hi Debs, thank you for my text message in regards to a young man watching over me, my brother passed away nearly 2yrs ago aged 38. Its a comfort to know he is still with us in spirit. I have frequent signs of his presence and of things that cannot be explained away. Not long after his passing I found a white pawn chess piece, a miniature magnet travel one in my coat pocket. I had never seen it before but he was a keen chess player. He often communicates through number plates with significant numbers or initials… A game we played as children involved counting the numbers on cars. I work in a busy shop and have served people who look remarkably like him, mannerisms, eye colour etc. Its very unnerving but beautiful. Here is a lovely picture taken of him 3yrs years ago.

Sarah James

My uncle John was found in the living room next to the settee. He had the clock. He died from a heart attack. You said he was woozy. Sadly he was an alcoholic.  He delivered newspapers for the local newsagents and it was them that alerted us as he didn’t turn up for work. He was a tall guy who was very smart. He just lost his way a little in life. We all threw a single red rose into his coffin after he passed. His birthday was in March x

Tracy Castano

Hi I think that person who came through was my uncle bob?? if you think so also (i have put a pic on the wall etc) let me know ty xx

Jo Mac

had some more confirmation the message yesterday was for me and my family, My niece saw the live after, and she also confirmed it was my uncle Bob… My Mum (her brother) also has a dream about him… I dreamt that I saw my Grandad (ernest)… ty xHi All I’ve used the text service again and once again been over the moon. I asked for a message from heaven. I was lucky enough to have 2 as I have 2 people with me. Everything that I was told was spot on and when I asked for names I was given W & M. W is my grandad who lost his live to cancer back in 1985 and I was so close to him as a child. My mum tells me she didn’t need the phone call as I woke up crying and calling out for ranrad to the minute he passed. M is for my auntie I lost may of last year it was so unexpected and took us all by shock. Your very gifted person showed my aunt to have a white dog with her. I had a West highland terrier years ago who had to be put to sleep and she when she passed had one. I was told cake and candles. In half term holidays I used to take my son to my aunt’s to bake cakes. As I’m writing this message I’m tearful as it means so very much that they are close and have guided me and will continue to guide me. I also I’ve the weekend had feathers to validate they were with me. So thank you again from the very bottom of my heart xxx

Chelle Sabin

Wow wow had a text message from ur service debs and it was my dad given me a message with the number 11.11 but what has really blown me away I sat down and ask my dad for validation to show this sequence to me again to confirm his message n wow an hour later there the numbers appeared for me again so what to say ty so much to ur reader on the text service l&l xx

Seaneen Fenton

Hi Deborah, i used your text service a few months before Xmas and was very specific in my question, (I asked about a move on the cards for me) the response I was given has very much come true!! I would recommend the service to everyone !! I have used it quiet a few times. Just wanted to share that I’m thrilled.

Joanna Redgrave

Thank you so much for the messages on my granddad its really touched my heart the service is absolutely amazing would recommend anyone to do this and get messages from there loved ones.

Staac Shannon

Thank you for the reading today although short it’s nice to know he’s ok and happy xx

Mandy Butterworth

Im still over joyed that you picked up on my nan and how she passed and also my little boy. You are amazing xxx

Charlie Lola Castle

Hi debbie. I just want to say thank you so much. I used your text service the other day and had forgotten all about it until i just had a reply. and the response was spot on and i now feel like i have closure. As i never got to say goodbye. I can not thank you enough it made me cry. I would have loved to have continued but money is tight thank you from the bottom of my heart you have really made my day with the replyXx

Vicky Louise

I asked a question on Thursday that was my reply it made me happy and sad all at once, my dad passed in April of cancer 2007 ,when it said when your times up your times up does sound like what he would of said September me and him would go the Midlands game fair Evey year and as for November one of my brothers my sister An me  all have birthdays one after the other 1st 15th and 8th so that too was correct and I have been seeing things out the corner of my eye , thank you for this because I needed this so bad to know he is OK and that I sorry i was to scared to go closer on his last day , thank you debs and your team

Linda Parker

Hi. I went onto u on Facebook today. Was blown away as it must be hard to do it like that. Anyway thank you for bringing my mum and dad through.

Michelle Maduro

Can I just say wow had a reading with Jillian 3352 I want to post as anon please if poss but even tho my dad never came forward in the sense of talking my great gran spoke for him and sooo many validations I cried everything she gave me was there and I feel soooo much lighter just knowing someone is looking out for me. There are sooo many days I just deal with life and my kids and everyone else tht I feel sooo alone to know tht there is someone with me my great gran in fact and my dad just made my evening no matter what comes my way I’m soooo happy and at ease right now x please post as anon to your wall xxxx


Hi Deborah…I used your text service earlier today for the first time…the answer I got back has eased my mind regarding my house move thank you so much for the fantastic work you and your team do…I will definitely use this service again xxxx

Melanie Asquith

13th March

Hi Debs I used your text service over the weekend. I was feeling really down and very uncertain of everything and your team were so spot on and answered so many questions and put my uneasy self to rest. After I received the texts back everything made so much more sense made me feel calmer if you like. So thank you so very much you do an amazing job

Chelle Sabin

13th March

I have just received a text message from your text messaging service the reply I got was spot on I am so happy and content with the message and that my dad is around me all the time xx so thank you

Jess LjsBoo Tuson

12th March

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the lovely txt team. Amazing! X

Amanda Wardle Naughton

8th March

Had a brilliant reading from one of your lovley team members that good iv rang 3 times since the weekend x

Kirsty Shakleton

8th March

Wow just rung and had a phone medium reading can’t believe how much she told me was right things only I would know xx

Janine Thomas

6 March

Thank u for the text service I’m more at ease an know my mum’s happy an wants me to be happy I made her a promise an that’s what I’m focusing on now xxxx

Michelle Kenyon

5 March

 I’ve been using your text service. I have to say that you & your team are amazing. You could tell me all about my dad & my son I lost 11 yrs ago. Feeling quite emotional right now. Thank you x

Maryjane Neill

4 March

I used you text service and asked a specific question..and the reply I had has just come true..I was asked to be patient and I did! Thank you! Xx

Leanna Thomas

3 March

Good morning Deborah I had a reading off you back in September 2016 and you said that this year is going to be my year and a lot will be happening this month well I am spellbound because you where so on point I’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up this month especially the end I’ve met a wonderful new man and my life seems to be getting better I haven’t been on the page too much as I’ve been off an on with colds/flu and wisdom tooth problems and the kids have me running round as they do but I always see your wonderful posts just want to say your really amazing Debs and thank you so much for that amazing reading it was what I needed to hear I needed some positivity in my life  🙂 XX

Kayleigh Agnew

1 March

Validation Pauline thank you for the link so i could get an answer in regards to my photo omg it was spot on even summit I never talk about it brings me great comfort to know my grandad is with me xxxx

Leah Nena Blackman

24 February

 I got my free email reading today from Katherine ! Absolutely brilliant ! Cheered me right up ,I struggle with finances so it’s nice to know I’m going to receive a small windfall ! Thank you Katherine ! And thank you for my lucky win ! I will try & get myself a night out ! Lol much love & light!,xxxxx

Caroline Wallace 

21 February

Hi Deborah. I’ve had a text reading today and it was spot on about the male and it was my daddy. It also said that there was a youthful female spirit around me connected to my mothers side. Do you have any more information to her? Love and light xx

Charlotte Louise Bedbere

21 February

Hi Deborah and your Team , Just received my FREE Angel reading from Katherine , OMG am on Cloud!! Yes a can relate to what you told me , Well a can stop worrying. Yes my holiday is Booked! Big Thank You for my FREE reading loved it , Thanks Caroline  xx

Caroline Mckelvie

20 February

Deborah. I would like to say a huge thank you for choosing me for a free past, present and future reading. It was so kind of you and I am very grateful. I also want to say a huge thank you to Katherine for doing my reading. She was spot on with everything and has made me feel really positive. She was fantastic. You all do an amazing job. Thank you again. It really has meant a lot. Xxxxx 

Christina Lane

13 February

 Just received my text and omg it brought me to tears as it all made sense, i have used one of these text services before now and it was all so wrong nothing related to me at all in the slightest but this was spot on, i am now just awaiting the extra i asked for, thank you so much for restoring my faith. XxxX

Claire Moore

10 February

 Thank u so much katherine for my free angel reading it has bought me some comfort ive been feeling very low so it was wonderful to win this. Katherine gave me the number 9 and 11 which is my sons birthday 9th november and she gave me the color red which is one of my favourite colours. She knew how i am feeling about life at the moment which she would never have known xxxx

Jenna Reilly

10 February

 Hi debs and the team i just wanted to say that i absolutely love your text service ive used it a few times now and every reply i get is so spot on and just puts me in the best of moods! Especially after a rubbish day! Ive just sent a text and im looking forward to the reply as ive been umming and arring about sending this text for a few days now but i know your team will send an amazing reply that will hopefully make life that little bit more clearer!! You and your team should be so proud of yourselves as i know that you’ve brought comfort not to just me but to many people on this page!! Keep up the amazing work! l&l

Amy Hatton

8 February

Hi Debbie you have just done a message on your live for me yes I have been suffering with back problems and do and was layed on my left side not sure about a sheila I do have a auntie on my dads side called sheila I was hoping it was my dad that was with me but it’s nice to no someone is looking after me thank you so much xx

Lindsey Atkinson

31 January

hi debs I’m so grateful with what u said in your live video I can relate to norma which was my dad’s uncles wife. I did have a miscarriage years ago and thank u so much for putting my mind at rest with what was said this morning and u saying it as it’s what i thought great work and I’m so happy thank u again debs xx

Becky Cripps

31 January

I am amazed what u do, u have given me comfort knowing my mum is around me! U described my kitchen to a tee and mum as well! The other kitchen was my mum’s kitchen. I always hear weird sounds coming from my kitchen and always hoped it was my mum. My mum was larger than life and is deeply missed. I pray she’s nt in anymore pain n happy with parents n brothers ??? Thank u so much ? I hope she comes through again, ur a wee star!

Sarah Jane Fay

30 January

One night I could not sleep I used your text service. Reading back on it and everything you said back in November is all making sense now. Took all on board and Im now heading to a new job like you said. Just wanted to say thank you. Your messages were spot on and lovely ?? xx

Michelle Douglas

January 27th

Just wanted to say I’m over the moon with my text message I received. I asked if anyone was around my daughters as they both sense somebody. It is my sister Jackie and everything you said is spot on. This message is so special to me as today is 14 years since her passing and also her birthday. I’ve just been upstairs and hanging on the bedroom door handle is a pink star Xmas bauble, it was swinging lightly. I’m sure she’s with me at this moment telling me to stop crying and letting me know she’s at peace. Thank you so much xx

Jane Tarragan

January 27th

Ok so last week debs was talking about your spirit guide helping you to see a loved one in your dream all you have to do is ask, him /her to please let u remember your dream ok? Well never in a million years did I ever think it would work as I haven’t seen my mum for 5 years now since she passed anyway I did this ? Well I fell asleep and had the most beautiful realist dream! I actually could see my mum she showed herself at the age of around 35 she was smiling away at me ?she looked so happy I could see everything she was wearing she had those Lois cord jeans on I don’t know if anyone will remember them but my mum had them in every colour when she was thinner in her day she also had a pair of knee boots on with a brownish jumper with big squares on it. She had short jet black hair her eye brows pencilled in my mum only did her eyes but what amazed me even more as i was dreaming then my nanny and grandad turned up in my dream ?amongst other ppl who I didn’t know but it looked like that they was in a old working men’s club there was a bar there that’s wear my grandad was standing at and my mum and nan was sat at looked like a bingo hall a darts board I remember that and a piano with everyone enjoying themselves this dream was so real I swear they were letting me know there fine having fun , so I woke at 2am and quickly wrote everything down and left the message on Debbie’s page thanking her but didn’t send it until the next day as didn’t want to wake her she has enough of that with her own visitors ?so Debs eventually seen it and thanked me for telling her and said make sure u thank your guide which I did any way so a think two days later I ended up in hospital as I suffer with my kidneys and I was on the ward wired up to a drip so I made a few picture collages which I love doing you may have seen them from time to time and I inboxed the pics to debs and said I hope you like them as Im in hospital passing time debs replayed strait away I can’t begin to thank debs enough what she did for me behind the scenes debs does so much for everyone but was chatting away to me and I was showing her pics of the little ladies on my ward and my son feeding a lady which really touched me. So next of all I don’t know what debs did but the nurse came around to me and told me I was going home I was crying as I thought I had to stay in and start treatment but no I told debs and she said oh good that I’v got many healing protective angels around me ! So I got home and I was in bed and messaged debs to say I was home and to that I’d love to know my spirit guide and meet him one day she said I’ve sent you my spirit guide He will arrange special Angels for you… sounds mad? Bizarre? Yes! But it’s real as I was asking so Close your eyes, visualise a door at the bottom of a beautiful garden. Go through it, and then tell me what you see? So I did this and wow soon as I opened this door all I could see was beautiful sea and a island and a waterfall I tell debs what I see and she said “Fabulous! Same place I go to! Clever .guide i won’t say his name .. The water, you need to get in it, it’s healing water, and the waterfall… that’s ‘the fountain of eternal youth’! So good for your skin! Trust me this works! Spend your time there for this meditation, around 15 to 20 minutes or however long you like.. it’s amazing if you follow your instructions on debs little 3 step course keep practicing every night and morning you will get there I’m not special but it worked for me and now I’v met my grandad again with a old flat cap just walking along with a news paper under his arm .iv seen my nans sister my great aunty which my cousin verified it was her bedroom I was in never been there before in my life I’m loving my journeys ” meditation has become a way of life . I feel fantastic also so just want to say a big big thank you to Deborah Jane Davies you truly are amazing xxxx?

Semone Michelle

26th January

 Good morning Deborah. I got a PPF reading the other day and it was spot on with what was said.It was all so accurate, so thank you. I felt stuck but feel that I can get a way out of this current situation now. Keep getting the smell of flowers round me and little things are happening round the house too i’ve noticed xx

Tracy Myles

26th January

Hi. Phoned your line a few weeks back and spoke to a lovely lady named lynn. I called again yesterday and got lynn again. During my call my grandma came through, nicknames of my cousins that no body knew. Thank you I have waited years to know if she’s still with me and validated it was her when a few weird things happened. I know im on the right path now. Once again thank you x

Sandy Beth Stacey

29 November

Thank you so much for my past, present and future reading. Everything was explained with great accuracy. I now have a better understanding on how to proceed with my future. Again thank you very much, Deborah, small steps for me, and leave my heartache and trouble’s behind me. 

Neil Burney

28 November

Hi deb just had a text reading and it was spot on for me right now. I shall take the words and guidance really helped xx

Julie Winkett

22 November

Thank you Deborah for reading my beautiful mums photo absolutely spot on and just what I needed thank you so much  xxx

Victoria Thomas

21 November

Had a text reading this morning, your team are so lovely.. used it a few times and I love it, really helps! Would love if you could look into it more for me though please xxxx

Katie Cannon

21 November

Thank you so much for my message! You made my day XX

Donna Bilton


Hype hun just wanted to let you know you give a reading out yesterday on your live feed a lady came through called Jean to say a happy birthday to my 9 year old daughter she was watching with me at the time it was her great grandma she never got to meet her but my mother in law  confirmed Jean was always one for getting very exited over birthdays and special occasions and had to have the perfect wrapping paper on all her gifts you really made my daughters birthday with your beautiful message from the other side thank you so much x you are amazing x

Lynda Gallagher


Ive just spoken to someone on your list ,,told me bout my grandad hes still haveing a go at me but with a lot of love lol made my day.

Kerry Jay


Thank you so much for your video message. U mad me laugh, cry and relax. It meant so much. I will post tomorrow let you know how i slept after meditation tonight. Again thank you so so much xxx

Sabrina Knight


hiya u gave me a message on ur live stream earlier about my nanna a very spiritual lady … for some reason I new she was going to come through today I kept commenting witch isn’t like me just so u could see my name I was ur last one …. iv just had a baby bit missed my period so could be a baby not done a test yet but when she passed she had 3 great grand children on the way witch are all here safely now … thankyou so much for that so glad xxxx

Nadine Piper


I used your text service today and omg it was amazing everything you said made so much sense…. Your brilliant at what you do Deborah you really are.. Thanks so much xx

Lisa Wilson

13 OCTOBER 2016 

Thank you for delivering such accurate msgs to my daughter Katie last night and telling her bout my recovery from cancer we took great comfort that you told her my grandad helped me .this i knew xx

Paula Hudson

13 OCTOBER 2016 

Used your text service the other day, had a lovely reading, even made me giggle, was so reassuring to know my cousin is still being his cheeky self ‘how good do I look!’ He said bless him! Thank you to you and your team xx

Charlotte Butler

12 OCTOBER 2016

Hi debs used your text service a few weeks ago and received a message back to say that I should leave any negative experiences in the past, I really struggle to let go of negative things and it really can make me feel quite a lot of anger inside, I have had a medium tell me this before so I know it’s something I need to learn to do. Also I was told there would be a celebration soon that would see a change, at first I couldn’t really think what that could be, but Monday I found out I was expecting. I would really love to know if my gran is around me as I miss her deeply and often feel lost without her, I  miss her wisdom and advice and feel gutted that she won’t be here to meet this little one. She loved my little boy so much and even a few days before she passed she still managed to play with him. Thank you 


12 OCTOBER 2016 

I’ve just had a 30 minute phone reading with Maureen can I say what a lovely lady she is, my little girl passed away in April this year at only 2 years old , Maureen described her perfectly and gave me some very comforting words also confirmed something I had been thinking, thank u so much xx

Torrin Williams

12 OCTOBER 2016 

I just want to message you to say… everything you just said on you live feed is what I have been needing to hear. I have been wanting my Nana to come through and tell me if I have made the right choice lately. But I just needed advice from you. You made me realise that the future is all that matters. A great big thank you. You’re amazing.

Thank you again x

Amy Bruce

11 OCTOBER 2016 

I have just used the text service. Wow it really has shocked me, especially with the names that have come out. Thank you.

Natasha Burdus

11 OCTOBER 2016

I used your text service yesterday and it was amazing although i cried(lots)most of it was pure happiness in knowing my grandad knew i was sorry i was to late in saying goodbye. We also have one light at the end of the hall that’s broken and a couple times now its turned on and off….and it fills me with happy tears in knowing its grandad. I cant thankyou enough for the lovely service you provide xx

Jaidene Park

11 OCTOBER 2016

Hello. I hope ur feeling better today. I got some messages from your txt service (amazing service) the other day would really love to know who this man is with me please. Is there any messages for me please xx

Sarah Dove

3 OCTOBER 2016

I just want to say thankyou for the reply on the text service. The message was short sweet and from the heart just the right words no more no less it broke my heart to hear her say sorry because it was not anyones fault and funny enough danae will say sorry i hope she knows that she has nothing to be sorry about and we will all be together one day as a whole family again and that she was the most amasing sweetest person and the best sister.. i over did myself with speach and questions lol sorry ..i just had a heavy heart but like i said i got just what was needed to be passed over .. thankyou so much..? i realise i need to cherish and love as much as i am able too leaving no regrets.. thanks to you and your team deborah you are a gifted special woman and just amazing for all the time and effort you put into your gift for others healing .. thankyou 

Bernard Pluymers

2 OCTOBER 2016

Hi debs or the team! If you could get a message to Jillian, on your phone service for me I’d be very grateful. I had a phone reading with her on Tuesday where my man came through and told her she would be with me today as I came away on a small mini break. She said to watch out for white butterflies and feathers…. well I had just gotten out of the car on arrival and between there and walking to find lunch I came across 4 white butterflies, one of which flew right in my face. I also came across 5 fresh white feathers in my path. And then when we arrived at our holiday destination, we were upgraded to the best property, and when we got into the hot tub there, we were met with a white feather hanging on the side of the fence. A little after, whilst I was sat on the bed a feather fell from no where and landed on my head and fell into my lap. I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Jillian for making me be aware of these messages and I think it’s even converted my husband to believe a little! I also think my Nan played a part in getting us this upgrade, if that could be confirmed I’d love it

Emma Clark


VALIDATION: Thank you Deborah for the message you passed on on your live feed on Sunday gone. I think the lady who came through was a dear friend of mine who suddenly and unexpectedly passed away this year and she missed her dog, so I’m so pleased to hear she’s back with her. I do miss her so much, she truly was an angel with a heart of gold. As for the Alf I’m not too sure though my mam has had that name given to her a couple of times when we have been to a spiritualist church. As for the roses on a grave marking a birthday, could it be an anniversary as it would have been my mam and dads towards the end of this month? Thank you so much for the work you do and the things you share, you’re an amazing lady and an inspiration to all. Angels, Love, Light and Blessings.  Thank you again.

Lynn Bowman


Deb can I just say I could squeeze you right now you gave me a little message on live feed and I try everyday constantly to become fan of the week or to get noticed and today I did what you said out a smile on my face about her personality she really did no what she wanted she wasn’t shy you also said June her birthday is June you also said a man around her called Bob well my grandads name is Bill. Thank you deb your such a beautiful person and I am now going to put some make up somewhere and see if it’s been moved ( fingers crossed) XXX

Kerry Bramley


Hi there thank you for my Angel message it was right I do look at my past a lot .I will imagine an umbilical cord and cut it as I know that carrying the past around with me isn’t doing me any good. And that people don’t change just because other people think that they should .Good luck with building your page and all the changes you are ma king to it .Thank you for being a beautiful soul and giving us your free time and  bringing  us free Spirit and Angel messages. Much love and light to you

Andra Norman


VALIDATION! I messaged the text service and asked about my relationship life. I received a message back and in the message the physic gave me a letter which was the beginning letter of someone who has taken an interest in me but is a little up and down as to whether to explore if there is a mutual spark. I have since been speaking to someone who’s name begins with J, I have only just realised this! How amazing.. Thank you for your text service it is amazing x

Tasha Calvert


validation…………..hi iv just had chance to listen to the spirit box as it kept freezing on me when live,i heard the names Daniel, Peter, Stefine and Alison, Shane, Angie, well my brother peter took his life by hanging, his sons are Shane and Daniel, and his daughters are Anige and Stefine, his son Shane me and my mum found him like that, he wrote me a poem, which have the words with in my heart, so i am just wandering if this was a message trying to come to me, I have had lots of things going on around me just latley, so i know my loved ones are around and light to you Alison xxx

Allison Williamson


Hi debs , oh gosh where do I start , I think I am about to have a nervous breakdown here , the AMAZING MESSAGE you just gave me has flooded me with so much emotion. You were spot on !! I was part of a big divide as a child , was moved 300 miles from my family at a young age , and did grow up to go off the rails , battling a bad drug and alcohol addiction ( which I am completely clean off now ) and YES I HAVE PROPOSED to my lovely partner Alexander two months ago , and plan to wed in the coming years!! The only part I am to understand is the name Susan? Thank you ever so much!! Please pass my love and blessings to Maureen and tell her I think of her a lot!! 

Ryan Fletcher


Hi, you done a live feed not long ago and I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally get message from my granddad. My son does kick his legs and arms when he’s on  the floor and he randomly  does this whilst doing his happy screams! Although we didn’t call him grampy but it was close because we called him GAMPY but like you said he did think he was funny lol, and he was touchy feely with his hugs and kisses lol ! He was an amazing man and I miss him greatly! Thank you so much!xxxx

Toni Renyard



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David is a Psychic Medium and Tarot card reader with over 20 years experience. He provides deep insight into peoples personal lives and to the loved ones both living and passed. He has trained in therapy for relationship issues, personal trauma and emotional problems. Honesty is Davids policy and his customers know this. David will tell you what solutions are expected via his psychic abilities and spirit guides and also if the messages connect via the cards.
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Irene is a gifted psychic, who also is very popular as a Medium. She can use Tarot if requested, but dont worry, she wont have to ask you many questions to establish what is going on around you.
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Tom is an amazing spiritual reader. Tom can help you get to the root of any problem you may be facing in your life. Tom is an amazing Clairvoyant who is so experienced when dealing with spirit and passing messages from them to you. You will be amazed at the details Tom can provide you with and can help you find a way forward and help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
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Ruby Rose
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Ruby Rose is an experienced natural psychic and tarot card reader with over 15 years worth of experience reading for people from all walks of life. Although she is able to focus on a broad spectrum of different life issues she has found that over the years her special calling has been an emphasis on love & relationships, career & work. She is a professional clairvoyant and provides compassion. She enjoys using her gift to encourage, uplift and inspire people towards a greater understanding of themselves. She first became aware of her abilities, having seen spirit in her early teens. She was able to pick up on energies and use tarot to see situations people are in.
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Jennifer is a natural Clairvoyant who never fails to give her clients the answers they are looking for. Jennifer is one of the most experienced Clairvoyants that you will talk to. Jennifer doesnt need to ask loads of questions, in fact you will be the one who will be asking the questions because she will have given you so much information.
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After years of developing and fine-tuning her psychic skills, Oonagh discovered one of her specialities is seeing what happened in the past, and finding a solution for the present. In particular she can see your past connections and find out how this relates to you today in your relationships, work or family situation.
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